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École de Hayama

1997 / Kanagawa

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This architecture stands on a slope overlooking Sagami bay. It was designed to express not only its basic function as a training center, but also to reflect the corporate image of the company. This was accomplished by introducing a concept of "affordance" - one kind of knowledge of psychological perception. This method enables you to transform every information of space into the visual image. To maintain the consistency of space, the space design extended not only from the texture and lighting but as well as to the service program provided at the institute. For example, teak and ipe woods used in various places, change their expression in texture and color with passing time. This concept clearly manifests the company's slogan,"successful aging ".The well kept orchids in the entrance and the open kitchen in the cafeteria signify the warm hospitality of Shiseido.

Good Design Award Gold prize (1998)
Building Contractor Society Award (1999)
Marble Architecture Award (1999)
Promotion prize of Japanese architect union (2000)