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No Other Place

1987 / Tokyo

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霞ヶ関ビルを初めとする高層ビルに囲まれた変形で狭隘な敷地条件のなかで忘れ得ぬ印象 NO OTHER PLACE を残すことを意図し、半円形プランの可愛らしさとともに三層構成や正面性等のシンボリックな表現を持ち込むためタイルのテクスチャーやカーテンウォールを工夫した。インテリアとしてもクラブ室や貸し会議室などのデザインに官庁街らしからぬ特徴をもたせた。


The building was designed to leave the unforgettable impression of "No Other Place" in the site surrounded by skyscrapers such as Kasumigaseki building. This building was carefully designed by a half circular plan and three layered configuration of the symbolic elevation. The exterior was carefully designed with a ceramic tile and a curtain wall to embellish/intensify the symbolic expression. The interior finishes of the club room and meeting room are characterized in such a way so that the people will forget that they are in a governmental district.

SD review Award (1986)