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Yaesu Book Center

1978 / Tokyo

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Yaesu Bookcenter can be found at the Yaesu exit of Tokyo Station. Most notable in this design is a streamline of white mosaic on the exterior wall that resembles early modernism architecture. The curving glasses and tiles stand out in a city among conventional surroundings. The streamlined space that continues from the entrance on the ground floor to the lower level and the cafe terrace in the mezzanine reminds you of a ship's deck. The atmosphere of the whole building hints at the art deco concept which became a sensation of the time. The design concept covers not only the architecture, but interior fittings such as the bookshelves and signage system as well. This unique method in which the architectural design manipulates every factor constructing the architecture was then established. The expressions of the curved glasses and tiles of exterior walls were accepted as new and unique style which had set a trend in commercial architectures.

Commercial Space Design Award (1980)